Who do you serve? is a much better question

‘What do you do?’ is a common question we use to begin a conversation.
It’s innocuous. It’s safe and it has the air of understated Englishness about it. We are all very comfortable talking about what we do.
It’s a conversation we’ve replayed thousands of times in the theatre of our professional and personal networks
But this question perpetuates a norm and, too often, fails to pierce our emotional armour.
The real conversations that now need to be had, just aren’t happening nearly enough
We live in times that require better questions to spark a different quality of conversation and robust and compelling answers to the biggest challenges we face together.
I’d like to propose we ask a different and better question instead and it’s this one.
“Who do you serve?”
Now there’s a question.
It drives to the heart of who we are
It gives focus to what’s important.
It illuminates how we choose to show up and what moves us to answer rallying cry of the daily alarm clock
It’s a question that has potential energy.
Potential for connection.
Potential to elevate the quality of our relationships, with others and ourselves.
Potential for novel solutions to today’s challenges to emerge.
So, I wonder, who will you pose this question to today?
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