What kind of best practice really works best?

When we repeat an act of behaviour we call this practice. 
Change requires practice. Yet practice doesn’t always get us the result we want.
Because how we practice matters. 
Distinct practice is a conscious decision to repeat a behaviour that enables us to do something today better than we could yesterday.
Indistinct practice is how we behave without being conscious of it, like cleaning our teeth.
Our conditioned tendencies are our default, indistinct practices. We do them automatically, persistently and unconsciously, like avoidance of conflict. They are often the things we need to change in order to grow.
Intentional practice is what we embrace to transform how we show up. 
Transformational practice is aligned with our values and commitments. It exposes our resistance to change and our underlying core assumptions that can, at times, guide our thoughts and behaviour in limiting ways. 
Practice shapes us, either opening us to new ways of being or reinforcing how we think, act and feel.
It takes time to learn a new practice. Time, attention, patience and forgiveness.
As we learn to practice with intention, it begins to shape and change how we choose to show up in the world.
So knowing this, what might you now change in your own daily practice?


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