We can’t think our way to being different

Like it or not, we can’t think our way to being different.
Anyone who trains in a sport knows this instinctively.
In business life, we tend to comply consistently with the tyranny of the value placed on thinking and logic.
However, as Dr Dan Siegel notes, ‘mind is not what the brain does. The mind is an embodied and relational process that regulates the flow of energy and information both inside us and between us.’
Our body ‘leaks’ clues to our habitual thoughts and internal assumptions and it does this all the time, no exceptions. 
For example, how we enter and leave a meeting provides telltale signs visible in the tension in our muscles and the small distortions in our posture. We can’t not do it.
In times that require no further introduction, the most powerful instrument we have is who we choose to be and how this is embodied when we show up in the world.
Becoming this best version of our selves enables us as individuals to connect the individual leader’s journey to the journey of the collective. It is this connection that lies at the heart of real, unfolding, transformative and lasting organisation change to be realised.
So what will you notice and how will you choose to be different today?
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