Three surprising, practical leadership lessons from Aikido

The purpose of Aikido is to harness the energy of our opponent and to restore harmony to ourselves, our opponent and the wider world without causing harm. 
On the mat, we deal with one or more opponents approaching us with intent to harm. In our current circumstances, we all find ourselves under similar pressures to respond.
Lesson 1 – Centre: We are centred when nothing outside of us can knock off-balance from any direction. Our weight sinks into our hips. We breathe from our solar plexus, soften our gaze and relax.
Lesson 2 – Enter: In Aikido we are always moving forwards to meet our training partner when they challenge us with an attack. When we enter we do so with intention and decisively to resolve the situation with compassion.
Lesson 3 – Blend: Blending is about how we find ways to use what’s given to us, using our whole selves to harness its energy to direct it towards resolution.
Off the mat, we blend by seeing the other’s point of view, listening with our whole selves and letting go rather than trying to control.
Today, our circumstances are asking us all to expand our leadership capacity to deal with ever-increasing complexity. 
So which of today’s challenges will you have a go at applying these lessons to?
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