The Triune Brain And Other Myths

A while back I attended a session at a leading UK university where the guest speaker, a senior executive from a prestigious blue chip, presented on the topic of leadership to a group of entrepreneurs from University’s accelerator programme.

Part of the talk covered the topic of neuroscience of leadership and in particular the role of our “triune brain” in governing our ability to regulate our behavioural responses.

At this moment, an otherwise excellent talk entered troubled waters and, like many, unhelpfully reinforced a myth born thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece.

Neuroscience has moved on at pace and we now need to update our understanding of our brain, it’s purpose and how it works.

The most credible neuroscientists will tell you we know a lot less than we think but good progress has been made. It is exciting to note that there is much to help guide how we develop leaders at all levels of their leadership journey.

Here’s an excellent summary of our current knowledge that will help level up our collective understanding and help us produce leaders who understand themselves and their impact on others more accurately.

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