We know the ‘suicide’ word frightens people. We know it’s easier to turn away and pretend it isn’t happening. The reality is that men of all ages are taking their own lives at an unprecedented rate – the highest since 2000. The rates are also rising for women.

Poor quality leadership, strive/drive business cultures and workplace trauma are all contributory factors; and together we can change that.

We pledge a portion of our profits will go to create a “Warrior Nation” fund to provide coaching, mentoring and workshops to help those who feel overwhelmed to pause, draw breath, reconnect with themselves and re-engage with life on their own terms, feeling more energised, positive and hopeful.

Our purpose is to help and support solving the silent, but deadly problem of male suicide.

Everyday too many men take their own life.  

This course of action represents a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

We believe it can be addressed through teaching the qualities of self-leadership, especially to young men.

Our goal is to help men build creative resilience and self reflection that will give them a better opportunity to choose life. 

We provide support to men in several ways:

  • Commitment to stand with men for ‘as long as it takes’ working in partnership with support organisations and professional agencies.
  • An annual leadership retreat for young men to pause and reconnect with themselves and each other.
  • 1:1 coaching to help and encourage men to step forward on their own terms.

Our work focuses on education, prevention and support. 


We commit to supporting men who are either temporarily overwhelmed by, or struggling with, day to day life so that they have an opportunity to pause and take stock, be listened to without judgement and be empowered to rediscover and choose a life worth living.

We help men  learn how to develop leadership capacity and character to adapt and be resilient when faced with a significant struggle or crisis in life.


As well as putting a proportion of our profits to work in Warrior Nation, we invite clients that we work with to donate to the fund, sponsor a participant or host a workshop. We are setting up a 1% Club for companies who wish to donate 1% of their profits to the Warrior Nation fund to support this work. There will be opportunities for donors and Elevate clients to also participate by offering mentoring or a master class. And we will complete the circle by requiring that alumni recipients of Warrior Nation give back by donating either time or money to support future recipients.


2022 sees the first Warrior Nation Summer Camp for young men between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age. Through exploring being in, and reconnecting with, nature, we aim to help them begin to develop as future leaders.


We also have a mission to build a residential space. A space where men have an opportunity to pause and take stock, be listened to without judgement, to reconnect with their spirit of joy, and to rediscover and choose a life worth living.


There are a wide variety of opportunities to support this initiative. From our 1% club to developing partnerships to facilitating at a Warrior Nation Summer Camp. Consider getting involved and get in touch to discuss what and how.

Consider connecting with us. Help us support men in overcoming emotional overwhelm and choosing to lead a positive and purposeful life.

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