We feel privileged to have worked on 4 continents with 22 different client nationalities


We have a combined experience of over 10,000 coaching and consulting delivery hours in private, public and non-profit organisations


We offer over 40 years collective experience working in major change and transformation programmes


Research shows that an improvement in leadership effectiveness can increase business performance by up to 33%


We believe in developing leaders and business cultures that have at their heart a desire to be better ancestors to future generations. This work requires the courage to truly observe ourselves, our businesses and our cultures to face down the issues that are bringing our planet (and people) to its knees and acknowledge our contributions to that. We believe leadership is determined by the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves – and that is the place to start, focusing on the daily practices and commitments that bring out the leader within

Paul Crick
Founder & Principal Partner of The Elevate Partnership


Firstly, to be better ancestors for future generations by developing the leaders and business cultures we need now for a planet-led, sustainable economy. Secondly, through our Warrior Nation initiative, to support men overwhelmed by life and who are potentially at risk of suicide.


We consistently apply three, simple, guiding principles to how we choose to approach, and work with all our clients. 


A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

We actively encourage and support clients to develop deeper trust and a collaborative spirit. By learning to lift and champion each other, individuals and teams rapidly outperform the industry norms.


Raise The Bar. Help Everyone Over It

We meet clients where they are, both as individuals and teams. From Day One, we encourage clients to raise the bar for themselves, each other and us to accelerate progress and performance.


Be a better ancestor

Being a better ancestor to us means creating a legacy from our accomplishments, harnessing achievement and putting it in service of others in a way that will live on after we’re gone.


Here’s what we stand for (in brief):

  • Business as a force for good, with profit-for-purpose to serve planet and people first
  • Financial transparency
  • A commitment to carbon negative (not just neutral)
  • Open sharing of our thinking
  • Leaving a positive legacy for future generations
  • Valuing people for who they are and the gifts they bring
  • Investing in wellbeing
  • Taking time for daily gratitude and appreciation
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