It’s vulnerability ‘Jim’ but not as we know it

In that gap lies our vulnerability but not in the way we usually imagine it.

Our ability to execute to an exemplary standard is ever present but is always latent.

Our will determines whether we will show up fully congruent with who we are, not others expectations.

Our will determines our choice to be seen completely, to belong fully rather than fit in.

Our will helps us decide to show up and leave it all on the floor, irrespective of whether we succeed or fail.

When our focus and ‘our why’ is borne of anxiety,  we ask ourselves am I good enough? Will I let others down? 

We are relieved when validation arrives in the form material ‘success’.

When we shift from anxiety to curiosity  – when we wonder just what is possible when we let go – then everything changes.

We find the courage to speak and live our truth. 

We turn inwards and accept our motives and core assumptions for what they are.

We become free to perform and play full out.

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