How René Descartes can help you arrive at a better answer

Cartesian Questions
The quality of our results is governed by the quality of the questions we ask of ourselves and others.
But what makes a question a quality question?
More often than not, it’s a question that:
  • Activates personal introspection, a journey inwards.
  • Encourages personal reflection, an honest look at ourselves in the mirror.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it requires us to become still and sit with ourselves in an uncomfortable, momentary pause.
From experience, a quality question is almost always punctuated by silence as we are nudged out of our comfort zone and experience a precious moment of personal growth.
Cartesian questions are quality questions that fulfil these criteria without exception. These questions are:
1. What would happen if XYZ happens?
2. What wouldn’t happen if XYZ happens?
3. What would happen if XYZ didn’t happen?
4. What wouldn’t happen if XYZ didn’t happen?
By using all of these quality questions, we are able to explore our options and possibilities in greater depth to arrive at choosing a better outcome.
When you apply Cartesian questions to today’s biggest challenge, what new answers surface for you?
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