You can’t hack your way to success

There are no shortcuts to accomplishing anything worthwhile, ever.

Yet we all look for them, don’t we?

Experience affirms that there is only ever a direct path from A to B, where B is mastery of something.

Instinctively we resist the path.

Our inner gremlin whispers “It’s too hard. It’s uncomfortable. I’m bored. I’m tired. I need to find an easier/faster/less risky way. Are we there yet?”

We see these patterns play out in business, politics and education all the time.

The irony is, point B in the journey never arrives. There are only ever waypoints.

When you find joy and contentment in the daily ritual of placing one foot in front of the other, you are on the path.

When you take pleasure and delight from seeing others progress further or faster than you, you are on the path.

When you choose to accept failure with the same enthusiasm normally only reserved for your small victories, you are on the path.

Anything else – the shortcut, the hack, the app – is a diversion.

So where are you today, on the path or distracted?

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