"The only stable thing is movement and the only thing that matters is to live in the present." ~ Jean Tinguely, Kinetic Art Pioneer

Credit: ‘Sky Dance’ Kinetic Sculpture by Gary Boulton


Business now needs to be more adaptive, to step more lightly on the earth and to develop a more reciprocal relationship with our planet and people. It’s not even about win-win any longer. Business now has to be about give and receive in balance. This is the job of leadership now. 
CultureSculpture® is how we enable your business to reinvent how your leaders lead (both as individuals and teams). It’s how we help your teams to lead each other towards serving people and planet first while still growing profit.
Like a kinetic sculpture, your business culture emerges from a complex network of relationships woven together through conversations. Both of which are influenced by the dynamics of the environment you operate in. The quality of your conversations determines the accomplishments of your business.

Using the tools of CultureSculpture® we enable you to co-create change and improve the quality of those conversations inside your business. Better conversations are a cornerstone of better leadership. 
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/ The Tools of Culture Sculpture

We bring a unique blend of proven tools and established methods to help you cultivate your extraordinary.

GRACE Framework

Unlock Your Personal Power

GRACE is an acronym for a practical, framework that offers a simple, counter-intuitive and common-sense way to guide you towards becoming your own version of extraordinary.

The GRACE framework teaches the "how to" of emotional intelligence as taught in world of elite performance, the arts and professional sports.

Leadership Circle Logo Square Grey

Transform How You Lead

The Leadership Circle tools and approach provides rapid and clear insight into the underlying emotional / cognitive process that runs our patterns of behaviour.

When you see this, in a graphical, visual format you have higher leverage to make transformative change happen much more quickly and to make it stick.

Build Better Teams

ProReal is an immersive digital avatar based virtual world platform that enables teams to be together and work on how to develop deeper trust and collaborate better.

Working systemically, the environment allows the team to build pictures and tell stories to help resolve all kinds of challenges.

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