Chasing down confidence is not the answer

Chasing confidence is a modern day mind trap.

Here’s why.

The word confidence comes from two Latin words – ‘con’ which means with and ‘fidere’ which means faith.

Confidence is therefore being or acting with faith.

Faith implies extending our belief, our hope and trust to something different beyond what we are.

Faith has a different quality from knowledge.

It’s not religious faith. It’s a simpler, more practical process.

It’s embodied. It’s visceral.

It lacks the arrogance or insecurity of trying to prove something to others.

It arises from stillness and is manifested in presence.

Confidence is being open to the possibility of something in which we have placed our faith.

Many people believe that they are lacking in confidence. In fact it’s not confidence they lack but remembering their ability to connect with faith.

Faith in ourselves and faith in the world around us.

Knowing this, how will you connect to your own faith and confidence today?

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