Can you see what I see?

‘I’m aware I am a *_______’ (* insert your personality/behaviour profile assessment label of choice). That’s why I behave the way I do in most contexts. My profile is spot on. That’s me!!’

These ‘badges’ confer an extrinsic understanding of why we do things and are often used by the wearer as an imagined obstacle to change.

However, placing our attention inwards on our thought patterns and the felt experiences of living in our bodies means we can amplify the quality of our insight in the moment.

This is the process of leader development in action.

Now a new, elevated narrative emerges.

“I’m aware of why I behave the way I do; I am also aware of how this limits my choices and constrains my ability to act (lead) more effectively.”

Hebbian learning tells us that ‘cells that fire together, wire together’, creating conditioned patterns in our nervous system. These patterns make it difficult to see our own blind spots.

The process of leader development helps us to see beyond those blind spots.

As Seth Godin notes, until we learn to see, we can’t “make better things to make things better”.

So, what are you willing to see differently today?

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