Are your living your life on the battlefield?

Words and language

Here’s a thoughtful and provocative line of questioning from sports psychologist, Dr Pippa Grange from her new book:

“Are you killing it? Are you nailing it? Are you smashing it?

Are you picking your battles? Are you leading the charge? Are you going to be fielding your big guns? Are you locked and loaded? Are you setting your sights on the prize? Are you armed with the facts? Have you rallied the troops?

Will you slay your competition today (or as one CEO recently put it – “eviscerate the competition.”)

Are you finding it difficult to pin someone down? Are you dressed to kill? Are you fighting to get a moment to yourself?”

Language creates the fabric of our reality and these idioms of war are drilled into our psyches from a very early age.

We use them as adults without a thought as to the unintended consequences, the fearfulness that this tends to propagate and reinforce in our workplaces and further afield.

Isn’t there enough conflict and destruction today?

Isn’t it time for us to make a conscious decision to be more self-aware of our language and the reality it creates?

How would the quality of our relationship with ourselves and others change if we chose to stop living life as a battlefield?

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