Are you willing to see the beautiful wisdom of trauma?

The ‘Wisdom of Trauma’ is a new documentary featuring Gabor Maté.

In one way it’s not an easy watch BUT if you coach or involved in developing leaders, this – IMHO – is a must-watch to move the needle on the effectiveness of what our work accomplishes.

It helps us understand the underlying root causes of some behaviours we see in the workplace (and further afield).

It helps us understand some of what we are seeing and experiencing as a by-product of the pandemic.

It helps explain why being resilient can be challenging for some.

Regenerative leadership is defined by Giles Burton and Laura Storm as the journey to reconnection.

Understanding trauma helps to understand what they term as four primary separations. The separation of:

– Humans and nature
– Male and female
– Inner and outer
– Left and right brain

To these I would add two important separations:

– Ourselves from other humans where difference is perceived
– Self from ourself

Reconnection is the moral imperative for leaders – the circular economy, social justice and equality – to lead a modern Renaissance.

The film is FREE to watch between 8th June and 14th of June.

The time to acknowledge and have the conversation around the wisdom of trauma and the power of post-traumatic growth in the workplace is here.

This is a great way to begin. Link is in the first comment.

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